By the WIX: Automate Everything! @ Wix Dnipro Office, 37 Starokozatska St., Днепр [14 марта]

By the WIX: Automate Everything!

18:30 - 20:45

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Wix Dnipro Office, 37 Starokozatska St.
«By the Wix» is a series of tech events, powered by Wix Engineering in Ukraine and this is the next meetup in this series.

In this meetup, automation internal tools and services come into play! If you're constantly finding yourself dealing with long procedures, documentation, fetching information from other development teams and all other burdens that waste loads of time and effort — this meetup is for you. We’ll present and focus on real use cases of customizing GitHub integration by Wix and WorldAPP.

Join us and learn how to improve your productivity with automation.

Participation is free. To attend — please register here:

🕑 Agenda

18:30 — 19:00 — Gathering & snacks 🍹
19:00 — 19:45 — Automation GitHub Services. If Something — Anything! / Efrat Attas and Roi Ashkenazi
19:45 — 20:00 — Break
20:00 — 20:45 — SDLC automation in practice / Alexey Tokar
20:45 — After Party mingling 🎉

// Automation GitHub Services. If Something — Anything!

As any other company, Wix started out small. One development team, one product, one code repository. As Wix started to grow with more development teams, GitHub seemed to be a right fit for us, as our version control service. Soon after, new problems started to arise and everything went out of order. To properly manage the chaos, new rules were formed, but it was not enough. Human factors errors remained to be an issue and the biggest source of security risks — this is where the story of Automation GitHub Services begins.

Efrat Attas is an Automation team leader at Wix Engineering, and has been a software engineer for the past 15 years. She sees software as a powerful tool, with which we can improve many of our ongoing activities and believes programing to be a gateway to our creativity and inner artist.

Roi Ashkenazi is Head of Automation at Wix Engineering, and has been a software engineer for the past 10 years. He is addicted to software development and enjoys deleting lines of code in his spare time.

// SDLC automation in practice

The talk will cover different aspects of SDLC automation. As examples, we will see how some techniques can make the lives of developers and QA engineers much easier, as well as simplify the entire development process… Also, we hope it will convince you that developing internal tools has the same fun as features for external customers :)

Alexey Tokar, VP of Engineering at WorldAPP, Ukraine. Software developer and Database Administrator in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in software design and software development methodologies based on iterative development. Always seek the purity, flexibility and extensibility of code. Automation addicted. Thursday hater.
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